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Green Shadow Irrigation and Landscaping started installing residential automatic sprinkler systems back in 2001, since then we have grown to be one of Houston’s premier irrigation professionals with over 10,000 systems installed . We have never forgotten our core customer base is you the residential customer. Our dedicated team of Irrigation Certified Installation Specialists look after your every irrigation needs including.

Irrigation Consultant. (Sprinkler system design & quotation)

When you first call Green Shadow you will speak to a real live person who will put you in contact with our Irrigation Design Consultants who will book an appointment to meet with you review your irrigation needs. They will come to your property right away and draw up a comprehensive scale drawing of your yard or work with your landscape plans and map out exactly where each pop up or riser type spray head, rotor head, drip or micro system will be installed. Utilizing optional Water saving nozzles, wireless rain sensors, in ground moisture sensors, or state of the art satellite or ground based weather stations. Our design will optimize area coverage and minimize water usage delivering just the right amount of water to all areas at just the right time, ensuring that our mission statement holds true. We will also make sure all sleeves under driveways and sidewalks are in place in order for us to access all planting beds and turf areas, a typical sleeve is 2-3” PVC pipe this is usually to be installed by others before concrete is poured or pavers are installed.

What the installation process is like...

An experienced team of Green Shadow Irrigation Technologists will arrive on time, on the date specified. The landscape areas to be watered will be reviewed on site with the Irrigation consultant, Installation Foreman and the Homeowner or Contractor to make sure the spray heads are flagged for proper placement and coverage, the timer location is determined and marked for installation in a convenient interior or exterior location, and that electrical power for the system is accessible via an electrical outlet.The source connection from the meter or hose bib is established, valve box position and shut off, and blowout, is determined.

Trenches are typically dug by hand, trenching machine, or a pipe puller. All pipes are placed in the trench and connections including DCVA Double Check Valve Assembly (Backflow Preventer) Main shut off,& blowout connection are installed and located off the main water supply usually near the water meter. These are located in a valve box flush with the landscaping in a planting bed or in the lawn area. Then lateral piping is placed and spray heads attached as per the flagging layout. Each spray head or riser spray will be mounted on a triple swing joint assembly to enable full adjustability & to compensate for changing grades or adding soil or turf after the system is installed. Once all piping & components are placed in the trenches the system is pressure tested and checked for leaks when it passes inspection the trenches are back filled and the sod replaced, if it was removed.

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