Mulch is usually made of chopped up wood or other synthetic materials. The most common type of wood mulches used are cypress, cedar, and pine because they are not only durable, but they look nice and smell great. It is used in landscaping to cover the exposed soil between plants, in paths or walking trails, driveways, or in playgrounds as a cushion for when children fall. Mulch can make the yard look more uniform and more appealing. Yards look much cleaner and kept up, plus it keeps the weeds from growing back as long as the ground is covered with mulch.Mulch is ideal for flower gardens because it will hold water in the soil and protect it from drying out in the sun. Mulch prevents erosion of the soil by acting as a barrier between it and the rain and wind, and maintains the temperature of the soil so the plants can properly grow. It maintains the nutrient content and helps the flowers to thrive while keeping weeds from growing. Mulch also keeps the soil from becoming compacted and prevents the surface of the soil from becoming hard and crusted. Organic mulch will breakdown into the soil, adding more nutrients to the soil that there was to begin with, allowing the plants to grow even better than before.

Most people will apply mulch at the beginning of the growing season. This is when they initially plant their flower garden, and they will reapply the mulch as needed. It shouldn’t be applied too soon in the season or else it will do the exact opposite – keep the cold temperature in the ground. You want to wait until the ground has warmed up some and then apply it to the flowerbeds. Next, you don’t want to apply the mulch any thicker than three inches. If it’s too thick, it attracts fungus and rodents. It will also have the adverse effect on plants and end up becoming toxic to them, killing the plants.

Green Shadow offers a large selection of mulch for your garden including…
  • Cypress mulch
  • Cedar mulch
  • Black mulch
  • Compost
  • and many more

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